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10 Show Me Decorating Tips for your Christmas tree…Ready, Set, Decorate!

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10 Show Me Decorating Tips for your Christmas tree…Ready, Set, Decorate!

The Tree is your largest Christmas Decoration and the centerpiece for all of your holiday decorating! Start with the Show Me Decorating “Recipe for Holiday Tree Trimming” App available on iTunes or the DVD and guidebook.

The Show me Decorating Christmas Confection Tree Theme

  1. Determine the desired location in your home to place the tree. Measure ceiling and available floor space to determine what size tree you need.
  2. Decide on whether you would like a Permanent Pre-lit tree that is available in a variety of sizes and shapes from pencil thin, to slim and very full to fat and are set up in minutes (No fussing with water and needles) or a fresh tree.
  3. If you picked a permanent pre-lit tree, put together the stand, shape and fluff each section, plug in the lights and enjoy. For a Fresh tree, light the tree from bottom to top working from the back of branches out to tips and back to the trunk and cross over to the next branch, allowing 100 lights per foot of the tree.
  4. Choose a theme such as gingerbread in red and white with candy delights, or you may want to match your home décor in rich jewel tones and elegance or feature a special collection or family favorites and have a traditional red and green.
  5. Select wired ribbons for bows to match, starting at the top, use a diamond pattern to place on your tree.
  6. Fill in the diamonds with large sized shatterproof Christmas balls to coordinate.
  7. Place permanent floral, leaf sprays or berries through out the tree to enhance the theme or color scheme.
  8. Now add the ornaments that coordinate with your color story or theme. We suggest buying in 3-5's to support theme or color story and place all over the tree.
  9.  Now our favorite part of decorating, adding your family treasures & collections and sharing your memories with your family.
  10. Enjoy all the compliments from family and friends!


Come in and experience Miss Cayce's Christmas Store, Midland, Texas
home of Show Me Decorating on line!
Kathy and Becky Decorate a tree with Mark Robert's Elves at Miss Cayce's Christmas Store
Happy Christmas Decorating Y'all!
Kathy and Becky



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