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Show Me a Country French Christmas

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Show Me a Country French Christmas…. to create in your own home!

Welcome to Kathy's Christmas home tour.

Welcome to Show Me Decorating and Christmas Expert, Kathy's Country French Christmas Home tour


Show Me Decorating, Kathy's Country French CHristmas home tour

The brick red hutch is dressed with Christmas dishes and faux Christmas garlands and florals


Show Me Decorating, A Country French Christmas

Kathy's beautiful home is complimented with a country french Christmas.

Pops of brick red, french blue and soft gold are a perfect color story with her homes decor!

She decorates her tree with the Show Me Decorating 3 key ingredients, ribbon, balls and florals.

Crochet snowflakes, the Round Top Collection oversized ornaments and blue glass finials, all purchased in quantity and placed all over the tree to complete her Country French theme.

The next layer is her family collection of ornaments, including 

Following the step by step "how to" on the Tree Trimming app you too can have a designer tree!

Kathy shows us her closeups and tips for decorating!

Kathy shows off her bow before wiring onto the tree.

Wired Ribbon, the 1st key ingredient made into bows is the first step in decorating a Christmas tree!

Bows are placed on the tree in a diamond pattern starting at the top of the tree. This beautiful bow is a mixture of pattern, texture, and color, adding interest and a compliment to the theme and color story.

Separate lengths of ribbon in the red and gold diamond pattern and the blue/green shimmer are added throughout the tree.

Kathy wires her bow on the Christmas tree

The bows are wired onto the tree by laying on the branch a short distance from the tip of the branch. The wire from the bow is wrapped underneath and tucked back. Avoid over wrapping the wire.

This closeup shows the ribbon, balls and florals already placed on the tree, and now the oversized focal ornaments are added with wire securing to a main branch.

Do you have a collection of Nutcrackers, Mark Robert's fairies, teapots, bears or Santa's? These could be used as a focal point on your Christmas tree.

Kathy's home is ready to host a Christmas party!

Do you want to be invited?

Happy Decorating Y'all,

Kathy and Becky


Next blog will be decorating a mantel with everyday decor and Christmas.

Kathy shows how to decorate a Country French Christmas themed mantel


For all your key ingredients visit Miss Cayce's Christmas Store in Midland, Texas

or online at Show Me Decorating





  • mary jo kerlin: November 23, 2014

    Gorgeous tree! Can you deliver it to my house?

  • Cris Withers: November 22, 2014

    LOVE LOVE LOVE it all! Really like the color scheme, just beautiful!

  • Dee Fisher: November 16, 2014

    Beautiful!! Beautiful!! Love the colors.

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