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Show Me: Becky's Inspirational Work Space's

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Show Me: Becky's Inspirational Work Space's


 Hello, I am Becky McCraney, sister and co/owner of Miss Cayce's Christmas Store! I am a wife, mother, Gram and entrepreneur. I am so blessed! I work in one of the best workspace environments, my home!

WeWork, a co-working company asked me to share with you my workspaces! Check out their locations here !

Blogging, social media and pinterest have become an integral part of my business. It is a way to connect and share with family, friends and customers all the creative ideas floating in my head, or as Kathy might refer to it as swirling! 

I am a bag lady of sorts… a rolling bag that is. It has becomes my portable office on wheels! My bag is an inspiration in itself! My favorite color combo, Black and white houndstooth and red! It holds all my files neatly, has a great space for my Mac (love it) handy pockets for business cards, pens and paper! It truly keeps me organized. I love clear pocket sleeves for holding groups of papers, or ideas or files and they slip in and out easily. My portable office goes from home workspace (the kitchen table) to office workspace at Miss Cayce's.



At home I am surrounded by my favorite things! Fiesta dishware is so colorful and versatile just like me!

As you can see I do love color! The neutral khaki paint is a great background for all my colorful artwork, dishes and black and white serving pieces! Truly Life is Sweet!



As you can see… I have rolled into my "real" office workspace! It is awesome and new, complete with sunshine! The sealed concrete floors, red wood trim and brick backsplash all incorporate the Christmas Store meets industrial warehouse style! Whitewashed wood is just waiting to be decorated! The antique table serves as a joint workspace, shared with Kathy! What we need is some organizational ideas to incorporate our style! Shelving for catalogs, files for filing!, Photo collages that are easy to change out, an inspiration board to collect all the pictures torn out or printed to plan for the next years Christmas themes and color stories! My sonic drink of choice while working is a Route 44 diet limeade with cranberry and vanilla!



The store is also my workspace as I plan and create blogs and social media post. Here I am working on a red mantle (made by our dad) in the Bohemian Holiday vignette. This post is going to be about collecting and decorating with Nutcrackers!



Ribbon, one of our Key ingredients! This is where the magic starts in planing your theme or color story for your Christmas Decorating! We created a Show Me Decorating DVD and instructional guidebook, and an app with all the "How To"step by step instruction for trimming your largest Christmas decoration the Tree! 

Miss Cayce's Christmas Store home of Show Me Decorating has been the artistic haven for Kathy and I to share our creative talents. As I told my high school art teacher, the tree has became our canvas!

Enjoy a quick tour of the 2014 season, celebrating and decorating for 30 years!

Along with our team we strive to CREATE a beautiful store with clever displays and seasonal themes to amaze and INSPIRE you with merchandise waiting to go home with you.

It is our mission to EDUCATE you on how to use ribbon, balls & floral mixed with accessories, ornaments and home décor to compliment you individual taste so you can DECORATE like a professional.

The lifestyle of Miss Cayce’s has been built on Family, fun and friends.


Miss Cayce's Sparkle Christmas Tree Theme

 Miss Cayce's Sparkle Christmas Tree Theme

Miss Cayce's Wild Christmas Tree Theme

Miss Cayce's Wild Christmas Tree Theme


West Texas Christmas Tree Theme

West Texas Christmas Tree Theme


Mark Robert's Elves Train

All Aboard the Mark Robert's Christmas Elf train!


So many more we could show you…… but you just need to come for yourself!

Miss Cayce's Christmas Store

1012 Andrews Hwy

Midland, Tx


Happy Christmas Decorating y'all!






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