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Show Me: The Meaning of Christmas

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Decorating a church for Christmas is always special. For one, they get the “reason for the season” and you can include Christmas decorations like a life size nativity scene. Another reason is that your decorations can be enjoyed by a multitude of people.


Traditional Christmas tree. Poinsettia christmas tree. Red, green, and gold christmas ornaments.


We began decorating this church for Christmas a couple of years ago. They had for many years, a live poinsettia tree which we tried to mimic. Along with the poinsettias, we added lots of traditional red, green, and gold Christmas ornaments. 


FBC christmas tree


We used a lot of floral sprays on this tree. We made the sprays more dominant by stacking the pieces together and wiring them like a bouquet. These groupings not only showed up better but are much easier to place on the tree.


Tip: This is also a great idea for a small tree and small floral pieces, too. Grouping several smaller sprays together can make a much bigger statement on your tree!


A large tree may seem daunting to fill with items, but for this tree we tucked in yards of red mesh as a filler and bright background. We also bunched it underneath the tree for the tree skirt. This is an inexpensive and quick way to fill a large area.


We added two new 12-foot trees for their sanctuary this year, which had the same theme as the tree in entrance. We used large poinsettias, red, green and gold christmas ornaments. We also added large berry floral sprays that give the tree a a great three dimensional look.


Tip: Using floral or larger ornaments on Christmas trees gives the feeling that the tree has more depth, which helps make it look fuller.


Also in the sanctuary we added simple teardrops to the columns, adorned with red poinsettias and beautiful crushed velvet bows. They were simple yet elegant.


FBC sanctuary tree


For the balcony in the sanctuary, we repurposed garlands and wreaths that had been used previously. It was truly a beautiful addition to the front of the balcony. It was simple, but made a huge statement. Lit garlands, lit wreaths, bows and red finials hanging in the center of the wreaths were all it took for this eye-catching display.



For the staircase in the gathering area we were met with a couple of problems, the size and lack of electrical outlets. Sometimes, simple greenery is all you need. We decided to combine two unlit garlands for a big, bold look. The outcome was very pleasing. It was very simple and elegant, and added to the beauty of the tree in the entrance.


Tip: Make a statement with Christmas decor by adding a bolder, more decorative garland to a standard type garland around your staircase. 



Happy Decorating Y'all!


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